Nanny Employment Contracts

29/03/2011 at 8:39 pm | Posted in Employing A Nanny, Nanny Contracts, News | 1 Comment

Within 2 months of your nanny starting work, you must provide an employment contract or a statement of the terms and conditions of her employment.

This contract will be legally binding and needs to include all of the terms and conditions you have agreed, for example:

–          Start date

–          Days and hours of work

–          Salary (make sure you specify whether this is gross or net)

–          Notice periods

–          Holiday entitlement

–          Sick pay entitlement

–          Duties

–          Rules (house rules such as no smoking etc)

–          Disciplinary procedures

–          Benefits (use of car, travel expenses, etc)

The contract can be very basic and the details can be changed at any time (by mutual agreement), but remember that statutory entitlements, such as minimum wage etc, will prevail.

The Nanny Tree will give you a FREE standard employment contract when you hire a nanny, which can be modified to suit your needs.


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